Energy Storage Solution


VESS Plus-200K

Introducing VESS (VestWoods Energy Storage System): cutting-edge energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Experience unmatched performance, reliability, and cost savings with VESS Mini and Mini Plus models. The VESS Mini offers a capacity of 30kW with 51 kWh (kilowatt-hours) or 60kW with 102 kWh, while the VESS Mini Plus provides 100kW with 215 kWh or 200kW with 430 kWh capacity. Optimize energy usage with peak shaving and reduce reliance on the grid. Ensure uninterrupted power with reliable backup systems. Embrace sustainability with off-grid solutions harnessing renewable energy sources. Safety, efficiency, and durability are at the core of VESS, empowering businesses to thrive in an energy-conscious world.

Features and Advantages

Flexible and easily expanded as per the requirements.
All in one Design
Integrate all things and easy for installation
Grid Compatibility
Supports both on-grid and off-grid operations
Intelligent Monitoring
Equip with cloud-based monitoring capabilities

Technical Parameter

Model VESS Plus-200k
AC Parameters
Nominal Power 200KW
AC Input/Output Voltage 400V
AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Type 3W+N+PE / 3W+PE
Max. Efficiency 97.3% (Peak)
Max. Load capacity 110% (Continoues), 120(1 min)
PV Parameters
Input Power 200kW
MPPT Voltage Range 200-650V (320-650V with Full load)
Max. Input Current 640A
Battery Parameters
Nominal Energy 430kWh
VE64280 Battery Module Electrical Spec. 64V/280AH/17.92kWh
VE64280 Battery Module Physical Spec. 440*912*265mm (W*H*D)/132kg
Number of Battery Modules 24
Nominal Battery Voltage 768V
Max.Charge/discharge Current 280A/280A
Battery Certification IEC62619, EN61000-6-2,4, UN38.3
General Specification
Thermal Management Fan/Heat exchanger/Air conditioner
Noise <70dB
IP Rating IP54
Operation Temp Range. -20°C~60°C
Operation Ralative Humidity 0°C~95'C (No condensation)
Altitude <2000m
Weight Approx.5600kg
Dimension 3700*1200*H2300 (W*D*H)mm
Accessories Smoke sensor, door sensor, water sensor,fire fighting.EPO
On/Off Grid Switch Time 30ms
Communication RS485/CAN/Lan/Dry contact
Galvanic isolation Transformer (optional)
System Certificates IEC63056, IEC62477-1, IEC62109-1/2, GB/T36276