Battery Energy Storage

Smart Residential ESS Solution


Vestwoods introduces a revolutionary residential energy storage solution, transforming energy management in homes. With easy installation, high safety standards, and intelligent energy management, homeowners can optimize energy usage, reduce reliance on the grid, and lower electricity bills. This scalable system provides seamless backup power and integrates renewable energy storage, empowering users to embrace a sustainable and cost-effective future.

Features and Advantages

Intelligent BMS, multiple real-time protections, timely failure warnings, and user friendly
Stronger overcurrent ability and larger capacity to meet daily needs
Provides remote monitoring APP and intelligent management of the cloud platform
Excellent performance standards, 6000 cycles lifespan
Offers wall-mounted and floor installation, easy installation to save time and cost
Fashionable appearance design with a variety of color options

Technical Parameter

Model VE51280W
Cell Cathode Chemistry LiFePO4
Nominal Battery Energy (kWh) 14.336
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 280
Nominal Voltage (Vdc) 51.2
Working Voltage (Vdc) 44.8-57.6
Rated Charge Voltage/@25℃ (Vdc) 57.6
Charge Current/Max. Continuous (A) 200
Discharge Cut-off Voltage/@25℃ (Vdc) 44.8
Discharge Current/Max. Continuous (A) 200
Depth of Discharge (%) 80
Ambient Temperature/Charge (℃) 0~50
Ambient Temperature/Discharge (℃) -20~55
Dimension/W*H*D (mm) 505 * 801.5 * 251
Net Weight (kg) 121.0
IP Rating IP65
Expansion Up to 8 units in parallel
Color Red/Silver/Blue/White
Communication CAN/RS-485
Cooling Mode Natural
Cycle Life ≥6000, 80%DOD@25℃
Design Life 15+ Years (25℃/°F)
Installation Method Standed
Humidity 5% ~ 95%(RH) No Condensation
Altitude(m) <2000
Alarms Overcharge/Overdischarge/Overtemperature/Overcurrent Short Circuit etc.
Compatible Inverters Deye/Senergy/Invt/Megarevo etc.
Certification & Safety Standard UN38.3/ IEC62619/IEC62040/EN61000