Hybrid Inverter

Three Phase Hybrid Inverter


With a low battery voltage of 48V, this inverter ensures a safe and reliable system. Its compact design and high-power density make it an ideal choice while supporting a 1.3 DC/AC ratio, which helps save on device investments. The SUN 5/6/8/10/12K-SG series also offers three-phase unbalanced output, expanding the range of application scenarios.

Equipped with two CAN ports for BMS and parallel connection, one RS485 port for BMS, one RS232 port for remote control, and one DRM port, this inverter provides smart and flexible system management options. Upgrade to the SUN 5/6/8/10/12K-SG hybrid inverter for a reliable and intelligent energy solution.

Features and Advantages

100% unbalanced output, each phase; Max. output up to 50% rated power
DC couple and AC couple
to retrofit existing solar system
Max. 10 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation; Support multiple batteries parallel
Max. charging/discharging current of 240A
48V low voltage battery, transformer isolation design
6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
Support storing energy from diesel generator

Technical Parameter

Model SUN-10K-SG04LP3-EU
Battery Input Data
Battery Type Lead-acid or Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage Range (V) 40-60
Max. Charging Current (A) 210
Max. Discharging Current (A) 210
External Temperature Sensor Yes
Charging Curve 3 Stages / Equalization
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery Self-adaption to BMS
PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W) 13000
Rated PV Input Voltage (V) 550 (160-800)
Start-up Voltage (V) 160
MPPT Voltage Range (V) 200-650
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V) 350-650
PV Input Current (A) 26+13
Max. PV ISC (A) 34+17
No.of MPP Trackers 2
No.of Strings per MPP Tracker 2+1
AC Output Data
Rated AC Output Active Power (W) 10000
Max AC Output Active Power (W) 11000
AC Output Rated Current (A) 15.2/14.5
Max AC Output Current (A) 16.7/15.9
Max. Three-phase Unbalanced Output Current (A) 22.7/21.7
Max Output short circuit current (A) 75
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (A) 45
Peak Power (off grid) 2 time of rated power, 10 S
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Output Frequency and Voltage 50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Grid Type Three Phase
Max. Efficiency 97.60%
Euro Efficiency 97.00%
MPPT Efficiency 99.90%
Integrated Anti-islanding Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, Insulation Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Unit, Output Over Current Protection, Output Shorted Protection
Surge Protection DC Type III / AC Type III
Over Voltage Category DC Type II/AC Type III