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Sustainable energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use

Thai Solar Power is a top solar panel contractor in Thailand, famous for our great, neat, and safe installations. We're experts in design and engineering, have a history of finishing projects well, and offer strong, long warranties for our work and parts. We're also cost-effective and use only high-quality components and accessories. We are a top supplier of high-quality home battery backups, solar PV, and inverter systems for homes, as well as battery energy storage solutions (BESS) for commercial and industrial buildings in Thailand. Additionally, we supply a wide range of lithium LiFePO4 batteries suitable for various applications such as golf carts, telecom systems, UPS, and our Vcube series (12V group) for emergency lights, automatic doors, off-grid solar systems, RVs, and camping in Thailand. Our Vcube battery range extends from 12V 8Ah to 12V 200Ah, catering to a variety of needs and specifications. If you're considering a lithium battery for your home, business, or any application, make sure you talk to Thai Solar Power..

Who we are :

Thai Solar Power is an experienced contractor and supplier specializing in solar panels and battery project installations for homes and commercial spaces like factories.

What we do :

We calculate the solar system you need. We start with an initial investigation to find the right system size for your project. We're not just sellers; we also provide installation and dedicated after-sales service all week.

How we do it :

We start with a site survey at your location, whether it's a home or a commercial space. Based on this, we estimate the solar PV power size and battery requirements you need. We'll give you a quote, showing your project's ROI and specifics. Our installations use high-quality solar PV batteries and inverters. We also handle licensing with MEA and PEA.


Thai Solar Services and Solutions

Thai Solar Power provides solar power solutions for residential and commercial buildings across Thailand, managing the installation process from start to finish for an effortless transition to solar energy.

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Consultation, Site Assessment, and Design

Thai Solar Power team will work with you to understand your energy needs and design a customized solar PV system+ Energy storage system that fits your specific requirements This involves assessing the home's energy needs and evaluating the site's solar potential to determine the best system design.

System Design and Installation

Thai Solar Power team have the necessary expertise and experience to install your solar PV system efficiently and safely, following all local regulations and building codes.

System Monitoring and Maintenance

Thai Solar Power provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the system is functioning optimally and to identify any issues before they become bigger problems. In addition, Thai Solar Power offer regular maintenance services to ensure your system is operating efficiently and effectively, including cleaning, inspections, and repairs.

Customer Service

Thai Solar Power have a dedicated customer service team to provide ongoing support and address any questions or concerns you may have about your solar PV system.

Guarantee and after-sales service

Thai Solar Power offering you Product Warranty, Performance Warranty, and Installation Warranty.

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Looking for a reliable and experienced solar PV energy contractor for your home or business in Thailand?

Thai Solar Power has you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering a tailor-made solar solution that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and budget.

Whether you're interested in On-grid/Grid-tied (Solar PV + Inverter + Grid), Hybrid (Solar PV Panels + Inverter + Battery+Grid), or Off-grid (Solar PV + Battery + Inverter) systems, we have the expertise to guide you.

With our "Get a free Quote" option, we make it easy to get started.
We're with you at every step, from the first consultation to the final installation, ensuring your total satisfaction with your new solar energy system. At Thai Solar Power, we pride ourselves on using only top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and cost savings for you. Our commitment to transparent pricing and outstanding customer service means you can expect an accurate and honest quote every time. Contact us today to embark on a more sustainable future with Thai Solar Power Solutions.


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A Sustainable Future: Our Achievements in Renewable Energy

At Thai Solar Power we're committed to accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. To do this, we are striving to bring affordable, reliable, and innovative energy storage solutions to our partners and end customers in Thailand. We are proud to have built our reputation around fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers, so we can better understand your needs and provide you with personalized energy solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Happy Clients %98 customer satisfaction rate.

Projects solar installations completed.

Years of design and installation of the Energy storage system and solar experience.

MWh+ battery storage installations completed.


All you can do is save. You`re saving money, you`re saving energy, you`re saving the world. So why would you not do it?


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We knew there were times I was going to have power outages from hurricanes. I wanted to be prepared.


Now that we’re with Sunrun we have so much more opportunity to do all the things we want to do with our family during the summer.


It is, very much, security. A peace of mind feeling that with Sunrun, you don’t have to worry.


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